Why Choose Us?
SKYTOP has a vast and diverse talent network and works strategically with hiring managers, executive leadership, internal talent acquisition and our talent partners to elevate organizational talent and promote business growth.

We partner with CROs, Data Analytics, eClinical Trial, Biotech, Med Device, Pharmaceutical, Telehealth, Digital Health, SaaS/PaaS companies and more. We work deeply within the life sciences, healthcare & technology industries and broadly across a variety of roles to bring our client companies the best qualified talent for their particular needs.

Our dedicated recruiting team leverages the most effective recruiting platforms and latest technologies (including AI) to optimize our recruiting efforts in order to uncover the best talent for you.

With over 14 years of combined experience, you can trust us to deliver the best candidates for even the most hard-to-fill positions. Let us help you build your organization's dream team risk-free.